... Identifying Alpha

How can we be so very certain this comm is the actual Alpha hero?  It is easier than you think.

The spectacular close-ups in Friday's Child and Patterns of Force, and even its lesser known appearance in For the World is Hollow..., show a wealth of information that can be used to make an unequivocal positive match.  Here is a quick review of some highlights that connect screen caps with two later hand-held photos (both from the same session) and to how it looks today:

1.  Antenna Solder - as individual as fingerprints, we see a perfect match at every point.

2.  Antenna Back Edge Holes - cut along the solid part of the brass perf with just the slightest hint of the next row of holes showing.

3.  Antenna Solder Splat - a unique feature to Alpha; a small smattered drop of solder on the inside between the wheels.

4.  Antenna Wire - an inward bow just as the wires enter the hinge wheels, again something so far unique to Alpha.

5.  Moiré Bezel Ring - ever wonder why there is brightness at only the bottom of the ring?  Maybe not, but we have.  Four mini grooves there make it so.  Also the thinnest rim yet seen.

6.  Moiré Pattern - a full 2-layer moiré (seen from screen caps in only the two heroes), with the inner rotating pattern quite a bit smaller than the bezel ring, leaving a dark circle around the outside of the pattern.  The top transparent layer also has a white patch just off center.

7.  Jewels - besides the obvious match in colors, the left bezel is mounted higher on the slope and the middle bezel is off-center to the left.

8.  Mic Grill - a tall rectangular hole with the lower edge angling slightly down as it goes left to right.

9.  Control Knobs - out-of-line and very close to each other, leaving a larger than normal blank patch of control panel on the right.

10.  Back MidPlate - it is clearly shown in both big screen caps, and yet is absent in today's Alpha (and in the "Sketchbook" photos too).  That's simple; just like with so many of the other communicators, it eventually fell out.  In fact, it looks to be already half-way in the process of doing that in "Patterns of Force" with it sticking out almost the full distance of the hinge wheels.

11.  Midplate - a nice even 1/16" exposed all around, never trimmed close to the shell as we have seen in so many others.

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