The Pilot Communicators

The chunky, block-ish early versions were clear Lucite with embedded electronic components.  Likely just two were made, and both were later repurposed (minus their brass antennas) as the remote controller in “Spock’s Brain” and as Spock’s calculator in “That Which Survives.”

It should be noted the specific brain controller in the above-center screencap is not the one Greg owned (above right).  The diagonal gold lines don't exactly match.  The bottom of it is also paint-free, so the internals can still be seen through the scuffed underside:

It seems the prop department converted both early comms into controllers for “Spock’s Brain,” and while the one in Mr. Jein's collection remained that way, the other received after that yet another paint job:

For its appearance in "That Which Survives," the body on this one got a new blue-green finish that covered over the silver and gold grid.  As you would expect, the button color sequence on it is the same as the brain controller.

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