... How To "Tell" a Match

When first attempting to identity the main features of all the communicators, we started with the knowledge that there were a finite number of them, which means each was bound to show up again and again in screencaps.  We then looked for unique differences, or "tells," between the various props which can be located reliably.  Fortunately for us in this task, within Wah's batch of ten comms, there are tells aplenty.

Below is a list of the most prominent and easy tells, and an example in each of how they worked to help us...

Moiré pattern:

Note - many of the "wavy" moiré patterns can only be seen by the larger secondary lines formed when the curves bunch up, creating a larger, easier-to-spot linear concentration of black.

Jewel colors:

Jewel colors are typically seen only up close when other features can be seen as well.  But since the colors from one to the next are so different, they can help confirm or refute a match.

Control Panel:

Note - The control panel; both the mic grill and the knobs, can be consistently counted on to have not been altered during the run of the shoe, so they can be valuable in confirming a match when their dimensions are distinctively far from average, like with Epsilon above.

Antenna solder:

Note - this gets tricky, because the inside solder marks are often different from those seen on the outside.  You need to get just the right lighting for many to show up.  When you do get a match like in Kappa here above, though, it is a sweet thing!

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