Anonymous East Coast Collector P1

The current owner obtained a midgrade hand phaser ("P1") from a writer who worked with the show who himself was given the prop directly by a high-ranking staff member during Season 2.  Signed documentation from the famous author with these details is accompanied.  The tribble is genuine too.  The owner first sent us the one picture of both his prized items shortly after our site's launch, but his interest perked up considerably when he later saw the midgrade phasers at the bottom of our Return to Vasquez page.  For the first time ever was another P1 that looked just like his.  He has since given us the other five photos below and permission to publish them.  Thank you, sir!

(445 x 393)

(504 x 368)

(574 x 447)

(426 x 396)

(539 x 407)

(426 x 444)

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