Press Release - Alpha Comm Found

Alpha comm, the most celebrated version of the most storied prop in Sci Fi TV history, has been located!

(12/22/06)  An anonymous west coast collector kindly responded to our invitation to submit pictures of possible original communicator props for verification and to secure its listing and value.  We are happy to announce that individual was given very good news indeed.  Safely tucked away for nearly four decades, Alpha comm - the better-photographed of only two mechanized heroes built by special effects artist Wah Ming Chang in 1966 for the original Star Trek series - remains in superb condition, though age has taken its natural course with a few elements.

The HeroComm staff, after conducting a full analysis, has been granted the honor of presenting for the first time not only comprehensive photos but construction details of the most influential and sought-after comm prop ever.

Full measurements and tracings were also taken, so look forward to exacting blueprints, projected for Spring 2007.

Note:  Larger full-pixel versions of these photos and more are available at a link further below.

And now the world's first look at the inside of an authentic hero comm:

For all photographs (at full size) and the write-up, go to The Details - ALPHA COMM page.

To learn how we confidently identified this as truly Alpha comm, go to The Details - IDENTIFYING ALPHA page.

By request, all personal information regarding the owner is firmly withheld and will not be divulged without prior authorization.

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