Three Communicators - Side By Side

A gathering in the Los Angeles area late July 2007 had Greg Jein (owner of Epsilon and Zeta) and the owner of Alpha comparing side-by-side their three communicators.   An HC representative was also present.  Observations were made, stories were told and opinions flowed, though in keeping with the handshake agreement between all parties, the expressed thoughts of the other participants are not to be disclosed by anyone else.  Still, it is probably not saying too much that it was a beneficial time for all.

Amongst other things, what we saw was a PERFECT match between ALL parts and shells, such that the bottom inside of Alpha was virtually indistinguishable with Zeta's, right down to the every ripple, dimple and bump impressioned off Wah's bottom buck (only by the rewind notch in one and glue on the other could you tell Alpha's and Zeta's bottom shells apart ).  At the conclusion, there was just time enough to snap the following photos.  Both Alpha, which had its back removed, and Zeta were hastily stacked back together for the shoot.

We learned a few new facts regarding Mr. Jein's two comms that has us updating the jewel color for Epsilon (now considered to be Black Diamond AB on the left and Emerald AB on the right).  Most surprisingly, Zeta's central jewel is recessed down into the hub as you see below, with the hub's center having been drilled out!  This bolsters the notion that it was perhaps originally intended to have a working light inside.  From extended observations, we've also learned a great deal more than we did before about Alpha; reflected in updated descriptions and photos on that comm's Details pages.

As a disclaimer requested prior to the meeting, it is to be understood that Mr. Jein's willingness to have his props photographed with others does not constitute his formal declaration that those other props are genuine.

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